About us

Prolink is an internationally recognized brand associated with the highest quality products for audio-video equipment and multimedia devices.

Our offer includes various cables with HDMI, RCA, 3.5mm, 6.3mm, XLR, Toslink, Scart, SVHS connectors and speaker cables.

Our goal is to obtain perfect sound and high-quality image for the full enjoyment of the recipient’s experience. Sound clarity is an audible aspect of audio system reproduction and depends primarily on the technology used.

In the modern world, the transmission of information plays a very important role. Thanks to digitization, very high standards can be achieved in this field. However, practice shows that these processes are exposed to losses and disruptions.



Not all information reaches the viewer or listener in its original state. Losses are of course determined by the quality of the connection used. What many users do not realize is that interconnect cables are the next component in an AV system, such as an amplifier or player. Low-quality cables and connectors are able to disperse or distort the details and nuances of the transmitted signal. Our connectors, such as e.g. HDMI and RCA, are made with the utmost care and are carefully ground to avoid losses due to uneven contact surfaces that can cause signal distortion and increase resistance

Prolink is one of the first to appreciate the huge role of cabling of audio video sets and the fact that the skillful selection of connecting cables ultimately determines the sound of the equipment. From the very beginning of its existence, Prolink has set itself the main goal of transmitting audio, video, analog or digital signals with the highest possible quality. Our cables allow you to send the same sound and image that was previously saved.

All this gives us a leading position in the modern audio-video accessories market. The company’s leading position is also due to a very wide offer, which includes virtually all possible types of cables and connectors used in audio-video and multimedia technology to connect devices such as: CD players, DVD players, SAT receivers, amplifiers, receivers, tape recorders, TV receivers, computers and others .

Our offer includes only products that meet the highest standards and customer expectations. All products are manufactured in factories around the world in accordance with the strictest technical requirements contained in the ISO9002, CE and RoHS standards.

We invite distributors, wholesalers and shops to cooperate with us in the expectation that we will also expand the group of satisfied customers through you.